Get the time for those, who matters to you. We can help with that

We will take care of your children, home or other family members. We provide experienced nannies and caregivers, that poses not only the necessary education, but also variety of experience, but most important they are giving 100% to the job they do.

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We employ Philippino nannies

Our nannies have experience from working in other countries, they live by the Cristian roots. They will become a part of the family and will take care for all the members according their needs. Nannies love children and with no hesitation care also for elderly members, your house, pets and all the needed activities around your household.

What will a nannie do in your household?

  • they can work anywhere in Czech Republic
  • English as a communication language with parents and children 
  • extra babysitting
  • elderly care
  • cooking
  • household care
  • working 6 days a week
  • contract length up to 2 years
  • taking care of children even during your vacation
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How it works

The whole administrative process is a little exhausting as the contract and visa arrangement will take few months. Our aim is to bring the best nanny in the agreed date to your household and let her to be a part of you family as soon as possible, so that you can get along.
We will together with you define and clarify your requirements
You will be choosing a nanny from the list of CVs, a short intro video and a phone interview
Together we will prepare a contract for the signature
3-4 months are needed for the necessary visa and administration of the papers needed for the work permit in Czech Republic
We will introduce you your nanny as we agreed

What’s the cost

Entry cost
50 000 CZK
Administration cost (visa, work permit), flight ticket
Monthly cost
37 000 CZK
Nannies salary, fee

My story

l was working as an HR manager and I simply loved my job. Additionally I was teaching at the local University and had a lot of - literally lot of hobbies :). Until a moment when I knew the time is right for us to have a family. But the idea of me to continue in all those activities was very unrealistic.

So I started to look for options how to combine all together. I wanted to continue with the job, that is my passion and at the same time to have time for my family and little princess, that while the idea was building in my head was growing in my belly, that’s to the topic of continuous growth. I knew that to find a private nursery or kindergarten in a form that would suit my needs was almost unreal.

And that was when I have learned about the Philippino nannies in Qatar, where to have a household help is very common. I did not hesitated a second and started to arrange a work permit and all the necessary administration.


And now I would love to help all those that are in the same or similar situation as I was and offer in Czech Republic an alternative child care with no limitations.

Read more about how I started the Nannies project

My values

  • Freedom - Get the time you need for your loved ones
  • Precision - We will work with you until you find the right one
  • Responsibility - Can rely on us, what we say is worth of gold

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or call +420 731 507 373

I am always willing to hear your personal requests and needs.

You don’t have a place in your house for a nanny to stay?

You have a child that requires special care or you would like to have a nanny only for a few days a week?

I believe we will find a solution together.